European Federation of Biotechnology

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The EFB is a non-profit federation of biotechnology companies, academic institutions, and individual professionals.
We promote research and innovation in life sciences, while providing international

biotechnology conferences

to ensure the dissemination of the scientific results and assist in the publication of their reports in our biotechnology



With more than 30 biotechnology conferences under its belt, the EFB portfolio of events offers a meeting point between global researchers and industry representatives. Some of these events are:

EFB main activities:
✔ Promote international and interdisciplinary cooperation throughout Europe and beyond
✔ Foster collaboration between academia, research and industry
✔ Stimulate innovation & technology transfer
✔ Promote the socially and ethically sound application of biotechnology
✔ Organize workshops, meetings and the biennial European Congress on Biotechnology
✔ Promote education & training
✔ Improve understanding of safety issues in biotechnology
✔ Promote public understanding of biotechnology
✔ Prepare position papers, white papers, briefings, reviews and reports
✔ Maintain good contacts with and serve in an advisory capacity to the European Commission
✔ Disseminate information on EC funding opportunities and science policy issues
✔ Promote and defend the sustainable use of biotechnology

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