Green Deal Biotechnology; Towards sustainable recovery and valorization of natural resources

We are pleased to announce the upcoming edition of the Green Deal Biotechnology conference, organized by the EFB Environmental Biotechnology Division. The event will take place on 26-28 May 2025 in Aveiro, Portugal.

This conference will cover a wide range of topics, including:
  • Bioremediation
  • Biotechnological valorization of marine and other natural resources
  • Sustainability of environmental biotechnology solutions
  • Biotechnological approaches to nutrient cycling balances
  • Stepping-up biotechnological approaches via industrial symbiosis
  • AI and genome editing - friends or foes in environmental biotechnology?

The meeting will bring together scientists and professionals from academia and various sectors of industry sharing the common interest in resource recovery and environmental biotechnology for development of new technologies supporting bioeconomy.

The programme strongly takes into account the diversity and different stages of researchers' career development. For that reason, keynote lectures by leading scientists will be mixed with talks and shorter early career researcher presentations selected from submitted abstracts as well as with flash poster presentations.

We are looking forward to meeting all of you next year in Aveiro!


The Committee is composed of academics who are experts in the environmental biotechnology.
They are responsible of the scientific program and the abtract evaluation.

Committee Members


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The Green Deal Biotechnology conference invites participants from academia and industry to submit abstracts describing original research in one of the conference scientific topics.

Abstract submission will open soon.

Abstract guidelines and instructions


The “Green Deal Biotechnology 2025” event will be held at the University of Aveiro.
The conference centre is situated 1 km away from the city centre, near the ria (sea and river).

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A range of sponsorship opportunities are available and the organisers are happy to discuss these with potential sponsors / exhibitors.

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