Green Deal Biotechnology; Towards sustainable recovery and valorization of natural resources

“Green Deal Biotechnology 2025” will be held in the University of Aveiro, José Grácio Auditorium (building 22).

Aveiro has been one of the most innovative Portuguese university cities since 1973. Located between the salt ponds and the city centre, the University of Aveiro provided a new dynamic to Aveiro. A city within the city!

Built as a small city, Aveiro University Campus was designed by some of the most important Portuguese contemporary architects. Stroll through the Campus and be amazed by works with the signature of Siza Vieira, Souto Moura, Alcino Soutinho, Carrilho da Graça or Gonçalo Byrne.

The area, just one step away from the city’s historic centre, is surrounded by the natural beauty of the salt ponds which spread into the lagoons like a white sea. Enjoy the campus green areas which blend quietly and modernly with the Lagoon. This area is inviting to ride a BUGA, the free use bike of Aveiro. Ride along the outer space, stop at a coffee shop while you enjoy the view or visit the university’s Library, designed by Pritzker award-winning architect Siza Vieira.


There is a wide range of hotel and B&B accommodation options in Aveiro City. Be aware, however, that some rooms may book out so early booking is advised. Please, take note that attendees are responsible for making their own lodging and travel arrangements. The conference does not work with any agency to arrange travel or accommodation.


By plane
Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro Aiport (Porto):
This is the nearest airport to Aveiro and is just 80 km to the north of the city, in the region of Porto. The train is the best way to get to Aveiro as it takes you right into the center of the city.You can either take the metro directly from the airport, or a taxi to the main train station in Porto (Porto – Campanhã). When you get to Porto – Campanhã station, you can take a train to Aveiro.

Portela Airport (Lisbon):
Portela Airport is located in Lisbon about 250 km south of Aveiro. Take red line on the Metro from the airport to Lisbon-Oriente central train station. You can also get a bus to the station (buses 5 and 44).
As the trip from Lisbon to Aveiro is longer, it is better to use the fast trains Intercidades or Alfa.

By train

Aveiro is situated on the main railway line through Portugal – the northern railway line (Linha do Norte). Train timetables are available on the website CP-comboios de Portugal.

By bus
Aveiro offers urban and intercity bus connections to several portuguese cities. Aveiro also has international connections to various countries such as Spain, France and Luxembourg. More information here.

Known as the Venice of Portugal, Aveiro is surrounded by salt-flats, beaches and lagoons and dominated by the Central Canal running through town. Once a big sea port, Aveiro lies in a region of valleys cut by mountains and fertile lagoon plains.
The city of Aveiro is crossed by canals, which give it quite an individual character, and in the old quarter tourists can see the quaint whitewashed houses of the fishermen and visit, early in the morning, the Mercado do Peixe, an auction of the fish caught during the night. Of all the boats seen in the area, the moliceiro is the most elegant, being perfectly lined, painted with bright colours and with often ingenious and humorous decorations.

The region contains many beautiful matural areas. There are the beaches of Costa Nova, the pristine pine forests of the Reserva Natural das Dunas de São Jacinto and the Passadiços Ria de Aveiro, the scenic footpath along the southern side of the lagoon.

Those who appreciate good food can taste the delicious eel stew and a variety of sea and lagoon fish soups. But Aveiro is specially known for its sweets: the most famous is ovos moles (soft eggs), sweetened egg yolk in candied casings shaped like fish or barrels.