Recombinant Protein Production meeting; Cell engineering, Cellular biology, physiology, biomanufacturing, Biofabrication, amino acids, SDGs, food systems, vaccine production,  biobased production of chemicals.

Welcome to the 11th Conference on Recombinant Protein Production!

Our RPP conferences on recombinant protein production are back again after four long years of interruption. This conference series is organised under the auspices of the Microbial Biotechnology Division of the European Federation of Biotechnology. They address a topic that is instrumental in meeting many societal needs, including food and feed processing, biopharmaceuticals and vaccines production, and biobased production of chemicals. Consequently, there is a continuous need for new production platforms that can deliver higher quality protein products in a more sustainable ‘greener’ way.

The RPP conferences address the new challenges that need to be overcome by offering a comprehensive overview of current bottlenecks and innovative solutions in recombinant protein production across different cell factories, from microbial to higher eukaryotic RPP platforms. Major topics will cover cell engineering for RPP (including large scale genome engineering), cellular biology and physiology under RPP process conditions (with special emphasis on comparative physiology across platform cell factories), recombinant protein smart biomanufacturing (RPP4.0), dealing with challenges in post-translational modifications, and biofabrication of recombinant proteins incorporating non canonical amino acids, among others.

The 11th RPP conference builds on the successes of previous meetings of this series held since 2000, which have attracted a wide cross-disciplinary community of researchers from both academia and the bioprocessing industry.

We look forward to exiting presentations in the oral and poster sessions and to rewarding discussions.

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we wish you all an enjoyable meeting in Girona.

Jan Maarten van Dijl and Pau Ferrer, co-chairs.


The detailed conference programme can be viewed by clicking the button below in pdf.
Special pre-conference session is open to all participants in RPP11.


Patrick Yizhi Cai
Patrick Yizhi Cai

University of Manchester (UK)

Sílvia Osuna Image
Sílvia Osuna

University of Girona (ES)


The online registration is now open.
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The RPP11 Conference invites participants from academia and industry to submit abstracts describing original research in one of the scientific topics.

Abstract submission deadline extended: 1 October 2023

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The EFB Microbial Biotechnology division and COST action YEAST4BIO offer bursaries to young researchers to participate in the conference.
Bursary application deadline for COST action YEAST4BIO: 31 August 2023

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The RPP11 Conference will be held in the historic building of the Convent de Sant Domènec, located in the city of Girona, Spain.
The complex now houses part of the University of Girona (Faculty of Arts).

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A range of sponsorship opportunities are available. If you are interested in supporting the meeting, please contact the meeting chair [email protected]





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