The EFB Biocatalysis Division and the EFB Biobased Materials Division are delighted to invite you to Biocatalysis for the Biological Transformation of Polymer Science conference.

The event will be held in the center of Cologne, Germany on 27-29 June 2022.

The scientific programme will provide a recent and comprehensive overview of:

  • discovery and design of microbes and enzymes for polymer synthesis and depolymerization,
  • computational understanding of polymer – enzyme interactions,
  • building blocks from renewable resources to biobased polymers,
  • biocatalysis in a circular economy of polymers.
The conference will bring together experts from academia and industry to a common forum. Scientists are invited to submit abstracts and present their research.

Please note that attendees need to comply with the German and local covid-19 related regulations and restrictions that will be in force during the event. The organisers recommend full vaccination against covid-19.