Plastics: challenges and biological solutions

Plastics: challenges and biotechnological solutions

Society depends heavily on plastics for the vast majority of objects essential for everyday life. They are present in our furniture and toys, in the packaging of our foods and beverages, and even in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics we use. Plastics are also used in the manufacture of clothes, car components, and household structures such as walls, ceilings, lavatories and electrical goods.
However, only a small minority of plastic waste is usefully recycled. Far too much is discarded into the environment where it degrades to nanoparticles that are consumed by wildlife in diverse ecosystems, often burdened with adsorbed environmental contaminants. Moreover, plastics generated from the oil industry degrade too slowly to prevent serious environmental pollution. Against this backdrop, hundreds – perhaps thousands – of companies worldwide are developing new products that both compete economically with traditional oil-based products and minimize the negative effects of their disposal when they become waste. A major goal for biotechnology is to produce a wide range of products suitable for recycling or rapid biodegradation.

The on-line meeting in March will again be a joint event with our partner Federation, AFOB (the Asian Federation of Biotechnology), to explore the range of new biobased materials that are becoming available. Sessions will focus on enzymes required for their synthesis or modification; their applications; and biodegradability. A fourth session will review the impact of plastics on the environment.

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    The conference programme can be viewed by clicking the button below in pdf.
    Please note, this programme is subject to change at any time.


    Jana Asselman
    Jana Asselman

    Ghent University (BE)

    Idalina José Monteiro Gonçalves Image
    Idalina José Monteiro Gonçalves

    University of Aveiro (PT)

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    Yu Ji

    RWTH Aachen University (DE)

    Diego Javier Jiménez Avella Image
    Diego Javier Jiménez Avella

    KAUST (SA)

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    David Meier

    University of California, Berkeley (USA)

    Miguel Oliveira Image
    Miguel Oliveira

    University of Aveiro (PT)

    Alessandro Pellis Image
    Alessandro Pellis

    Università degli Studi di Genova (IT)

    Auxiliadora Prieto Image
    Auxiliadora Prieto

    CIB Margarita Salas (ES)

    Maryam Salehi Image
    Maryam Salehi

    Herff College of Engineering (USA)

    Anamaria Todea Image
    Anamaria Todea

    Polytechnical University of Timisoara (ROU)

    Cristiano Varrone Image
    Cristiano Varrone

    Aalborg University (DK)

    Ren Wei Image
    Ren Wei

    Universität Greifswald (DE)

    Nick Wierckx Image
    Nick Wierckx

    Forschungszentrum Jülich (DE)


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    The "Plastics: challenges and biological solutions" conference invites participants from academia and industry to submit abstracts describing original research in one of the scientific topics.

    Deadline for submitting abstracts extended to 13 March 2024

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