Environmental Biotechnology provides effective tools, which are sustainable from economical, environmental and social points of view and can be applied to:

  1. Monitor and reduce the risk to humans from contaminated sites and from the storage of municipal and industrial (bio)wastes
  2. Clean up water, soil, and air to achieve good quality standards and reuse treated wastewater to reduce the demand of natural water for industrial, agricultural and municipal purposes
  3. Turn (bio)waste, including wastewater, into bio-based biodegradable/biocompatible and renewable chemicals for material and fuel production with a measurable reduction of i) Biowaste disposal-borne human risks, ii) Use of scarce fossil fuels or food crops-based biorefineries, and iii) Climate change impact related to CO2 production.

Environmental Biotechnology has a broad industrial application potential such as the sustainable remediation of sites and wastewaters and the innovative chemical and energetic valorization "biorefinery“ of (bio)wastes generated by various industrial sectors.

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