Young scientist

Early-Stage Researchers in the Environmental Biotechnology Division of the European Federation of Biotechnology

One of the top priority of the Environmental Biotechnology Division society is to promote the involvement of young researchers to actively join the group and develop the future of Environmental Biotechnologies in Europe.

    Being a part of the Environmental Biotechnology Division community is a great opportunity:
  • To create young scientists’ networks and professional exchanges at a high scientific level to support your professional career.
  • To provide the possibilities for collaborations and opportunities for professional networking between researchers from international institutes and biotech companies.
  • To get support in your activities in the different areas of biotechnology covered by EFB.
  • To attend various scientific events and workshops related to your scientific interests at discounted price - participating in such meetings always forms new scientific friendships and debate on new ideas.
  • To share and discuss your work with the scientific community during conferences – for young researcher the EFB society offers awards for ‘Best oral communication’ or ‘Best poster presentation’.
  • To being updated by receiving the electronic newsletter with the latest developments in the field of biotechnology, important events and information about job opportunities and scholarships available in the various member institutions involved in EFB society.

Environmental Biotechnology Industries

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