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EFB is delighted to invite to the meeting "From CO2 to Materials with the Power of Microbes" on May 11th and 12th 2022. To allow easy access in the light of the ongoing pandemic restrictions, the conference will be performed fully online.

1. Microbial assimilation of C1 substrates (CO2, methanol, formate, syngas)
2. Microbial conversion of C1 substrates to materials (fuels, chemicals, polymers)
3. Technologies to provide and convert C1 substrates and scaling-up (e.g. biochemical engineering approaches)

The meeting will bring together partners from academia and industry sharing the common interest to overcome global challenges on C1 emissions by harnessing the power of microbial metabolism.

The format is designed to mix international guest lectures by prestigious scientists with shorter presentations by early career researchers. The program will be a composition of keynote, invited lectures, and short talks (selected from abstracts) making use of live and pre-recorded presentations. Furthermore, a poster session will be organized to facilitate lively discussions. Despite using an online platform, the organizers are keen of enabling a vivid scientific atmosphere encouraging easy exchange with speakers and poster presenters.

“From CO2 to Materials” is jointly organized by the three EFB divisions Microbial Biotechnology, Biobased Materials, and Bioengineering and Bioprocessing together with the Asian Federation of Biotechnology, Systems and Synthetic Biotechnology Division.

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From CO2 to Materials with the power of microbes will cover the following topics: Microbial assimilation of C1 substrates, Microbial conversion of C1 substrates to materials, and Technologies to convert C1 substrates & Scaling up. For more information, please click on the button below.

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Scientists from academia and industry are invited to submit abstracts describing original research.
Abstracts (poster-only) are accepted until 5 May 2022

Abstract guidelines and instructions


Free registration for Ukrainian citizens.
To support scientists affected by the war, the EFB offers 50 free registration for Ukrainian citizens.


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Sang Yup Lee Image
Sang Yup Lee

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)


Kaspar Valgepea Image
Kaspar Valgepea

University of Tartu

Claudia Vicente Image
Claudia Vicente

Toulouse Biotechnology Institute

Katharina Pflüger-Grau image
Katharina Pflüger-Grau

Technical University of Munich

Jinwon Lee image
Jinwon Lee

Sogang University

Falk Harnisch image
Falk Harnisch


Marilene Pavan image
Marilene Pavan

LanzaTech Inc.


Diethard Mattanovich Image
Diethard Mattanovich

Univ. of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

Pablo Iván Nikel Image
Pablo Iván Nikel

Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability

Özge Atai
Özge Ata

Univ. of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

Simone Bachleitner
Simone Bachleitner

Univ. of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

Paola Branduari Image
Paola Branduari

University of Milano Bicocca

Heleen De Wever Image
Heleen De Wever

Flemish Institute of Technological Research

Georg Gübitz
Georg Gübitz

Univ. of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

Stephanie Heux
Stephanie Heux

Toulouse Biotechnology Institute

Jinwon Lee Image
Jinwon Lee

Sogang University

Ralf Takors Image
Ralf Takors

University of Stuttgart

Manfred Zinn
Manfred Zinn

HES-SO Valais-Wallis


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