The new edition on Recombinant Protein Production (RPP11)  will take place in Girona, Spain from 17 – 19 October, 2023.

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The RPP conference series aims at offering a comprehensive overview of current challenges and innovative solutions in recombinant protein production across different cell factories. Special attention is attributed to the comparative physiology of microbial and higher eukaryotic platforms for protein production. The 10th RPP conference will build on the successes of previous meetings, which have attracted steadily increasing numbers of researchers from both academia and the bioprocessing industry. The meeting will address four major areas and emerging trends in recombinant protein production of industrial relevance:


Host physiology under RPP bioprocess conditions

Including gene expression and regulation, translation, protein folding and stability, secretion, stress responses and cellular quality control.

Cell engineering for RPP

Including systems metabolic engineering, synthetic biology tools, and integration of random and rational approaches.


RPP processes at industrial scale

Including challenges in up- and down-scaling, host physiology under bioprocess conditions, downstream processing, bioprocess analysis, product quality control, and the safety status of cell factories.

New-format and difficult to express proteins

Including multicomplex and multispecific proteins, membrane proteins, and cell-free technologies.

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