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Valuable products from renewable resources


Thomas Brück Image
Thomas Brück

Technical University of Munich (DE)

Carbon capture and sustainable utilization

Wolfram Brück Image
Wolfram Brück


Production of chitin and chitosan from renewable resources using fermentation

Dan Cheng Image
Dan Cheng

Elsevier. UK

Introduction to EFB Journal New Biotechnology: impact factor 6.49

Jeff Cole Image
Jeff Cole

EFB President. UK

Valuable products from renewable resources

Nicola Collard Image
Nicola Collard

Phytome. UK

Application of supercritical CO2 in up-stream and down-stream bioprocessing

Marina Cvijanović Image
Marina Cvijanović

Eco Bio Croatia. HR

An alternative to packaging flexible plastic: non-toxic, recyclable, renewable and degradable

Neil Dixon Image
Neil Dixon

University of Manchester. UK

Valuable products from rebewable resources

Ayenne de Oliveira Image
Ayanne de Oliveira

Luleå University of Technology. SE

Biochemical process engineering

Steve Euston Image
Steve Euston

Chief Editor: “Bioeconomy Journal”. UK

How to work with editors

Fabio Fava Image
Fabio Fava

BLUEMED. University of Bologna. IT

Harvesting renewable marine resources

Jitka Frébortová Fridjonsson Image
Jitka Frébortová

CATRIN-Palacký University. CZ

Valuable products from renewable resources

Olafur Fridjonsson Image
Olafur Fridjonsson

Matis. IS

New proteins and ingredients for aquaculture from renewable sources

Lucia Gardossi Image
Lucia Gardossi

Biobased Materials Division Board. IT

Utilization of rice husk waste

Margret Geirsdottir Image
Margrét Geirsdóttir


Marie Gorwa Image
Marie Gorwa-Grauslund

Lund Univeristy. SE

Optimizing cell factories for xylose and lignin use in bioprocesses

Mario Lopes Image
Mário Lucio Lopes

Fermentec. BR

Yarrowia lipolytica for production of LCFAs, defoamers and biodiesel from sugarcane vinasse

Wilf Mitchell Image
Wilf Mitchell

EFB Treasurer-Honorary Secretary. UK

Valuable products from renewable resources

Osama Mahmoud Image
Osama Mahmoud

Enzymaster. DE

Biocatalytic production of (R)-1,3-butanediol
using a multi-enzyme cascade

Anthony Newman Image
Anthony Newman

Elsevier. UK

Publications ethics

Allan Kent Nielsen Image
Allan Kent Nielsen

Novozymes. UK

Carbon capture

Joana Pereira Image
Joana Pereira

Holiferm. UK

Sustainable manufacturing of biosurfactants

Kamalesh Prasad Image
Kamalesh Prasad


Efficient processing of seaweeds for products

Guilhermo Queiroz Image
Guilhermo Queiroz

Biosolvit. BR

Bioblue Natural Absorber – The most efficient oil absorber in the world

Maria Reis Image
Maria Reis

FCT-NOVA University of Lisbon. PT

Exploitation of industrial wastes for biopolymer and bulk chemical production

Fernando Reyes Image
Fernando Reyes

Fundación Medina. ES

Marine microorganisms as source of new bioactive molecules

Cecilia Roque Image
Cecília Roque

FCT-NOVA University of Lisbon. PT

Valuable products from renewable resources

Jan Schuller Image
Jan Michael Schuller

University-Phillips. DE

Molecular basis of a CO2-fixing enzymatic protein nanowire

Michele Stanley Image
Michele Stanley


Seaweed biomass refinery
for bioenergy production

Matthew Styles Image
Matthew Styles

Isobionics. NE

Production of Fragrance and Flavour Ingredients via Fermentation

Mike Taussig Image
Mike Taussig

Chief Editor “New biotechnology”. UK

Why papers are rejected: how to increase the chance of acceptance

Olivier Thomas Image
Olivier Thomas

NUI Galway.IE

Marine biodiscovery: pharmacological and medical applications

Marlen Vasquez Image
Marlen Vasquez

Cyprus University of Technology. CY

Harvesting renewable marine resources

Christoph Wittmann Image
Christoph Wittmann

Saarland University. DE

A field of dreams - lignin valorization to the world's leading chemicals

Marta Wozniak Image
Marta Woźniak

Poznań University of Technology. PL

Valuable products from renewable resources