Bacterial Electron Transfer

The conference held from 6 to 8 March 2024 focused on research in extracellular electron transfer and its role in various biogeochemical processes. Opening with a lecture by Thomas Clarke on extracellular electron transfer mechanisms, the event featured sessions on interspecies electron transfer, electron transport in bacteria, and the environmental impact of these processes. Presentations covered a wide range of topics, including microbial interactions with electrodes, evolution of electron transfer mechanisms, and new insights into biochemical pathways involving redox enzymes. The programme also delved into the roles of electron transfer in handling environmental stress and its implications in energy metabolism. Poster sessions and networking events facilitated discussions on innovative research and potential applications in bioelectrochemical systems and microbial biotechnology. The conference concluded with a lecture by Christiane Dahl on the regulation of electron transfer during sulfur oxidation.

The next meeting in the series “Bacterial Electron Transfer processes and their regulation” will be held in 2026.

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