Division Board

The Division Board is keen to welcome new members. It especially seeks to recruit younger scientists ready to make their debut on the international stage; or individuals who are keen to organise an activity such as a workshop or specialist symposium, or to contribute to the EFB European Congresses of Biotechnology. The current membership, and their responsibilities, are listed below. The Division co-Chairs (Marjan de Mey and Neil Dixon) would be pleased to hear from others who are keen to become involved in helping with the organisation of Division activities.

  Marjan De Mey image


  Neil Dixon image


  Jon Marles-Wright image


Heleen De Wever image

Flemish Institute of Technological Res., Belgium

  Barbara Di Ventura image

University of Freiburg, Germany

Pavel Dvořák image

Masaryk University, Czech Republic

  Louise Horsfall image

University of Edinburgh, UK

  Peter Neubauer image

TU Berlin, Germany

  Pablo I. Nikel image

Novo Nordisk Foundation, Denmark

  Tim Overton image

University of Birmingham, UK

  Cecilia A. image

Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

  Urartu Seker image

Bilkent University, Turkey



Advisory Board

  • Tony Hitchcock.
    Cobra Biologics, UK
  • Diethard Mattanovich.
    BOKU, Austria
  • Victor de Lorenzo.
    CNB, Spain
  • Jens Nielsen.
    Chalmers, Sweden

Communications Team

  • Matthew Edmundson.
    University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Ian Eggington.
    University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Lukas Mühlbauer.
    University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Parisa Pordelkhaki.
    University of Birmingham, UK
  • Konstantinos Vavitsas.
    University of Queensland, Australia

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