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The EFB Executive Board and staff in our Barcelona Central Office send our greetings to all of our members
at the end of a challenging year.

Thank you for your continued support – and


We are happy to announce a new event next year:

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The conference will showcase the EFB Divisions and our Partners. The topics will cover all the latest science in biotechnology: bioengineering and bioprocessing, biomaterial, biocatalysis, microbial biotechnology, environmental biotechnology and more!

More details on registration, abstract submission and programme will be soon available
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ecb2022 European Congress on Biotechnology - Maastricht, The Netherlands. 22 - 25 May 20222. Organised by the European Federation of Biotechnology EFB and IBS
Due to the second wave of the covid-19, we regret to inform you that the ECB-IBS Congress has been postponed to May 2022.

See you in Maastricht!


The first three on-line EFB meetings.

Three meetings held on-line in November attracted a total of over 1,100 registrations.
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We are especially grateful to our sponsors whose support was essential for the success of this meeting.
ASBEV - Sponsors

Microbial Stress Meeting
We thank our sponsors for supporting this meeting financially.
Microbial Stress 2020 - Sponsors

Biocatalysis Open Day Meeting
The Open Day attracted over 700 participants.
We especially thank more than 100 participants from the Asian Federation of Biotechnology for their support and the 13 companies who covered the cost of the meeting.
Biocatalysis Open Day 2020 - Sponsors

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HPA - Webinar

The Human Protein Atlas (HPA) is celebrating its 20-year journey by publishing a "Digital Booklet" and a “Microsite" created in collaboration with Science/AAAS.

In addition, HPA has launch 11 stunning movies created by light sheet microscopy to explore the human body in 3D.

We will also add a lot of new features, including:
(1) a new Single Cell Type Atlas
(2) a new human prefrontal cortex map
(3) a new nucleoli rim localisation in the HPA Cell Atlas
(4) a revised Dictionary.

EFB Journal  - New Biotechnology - New Biotechnology - Volume 61, 25 March 2021, Pages 1-8. Current state and future directions of bioeconomy in the Czech Republic. Author Miroslav Hájeka, Michaela Holecová, Helena Smolová, Ladislav Jeřábek, IvoFrébort
This article presents the current status of the development of bioeconomy in the Czech Republic. Although the country has no unified strategy on bioeconomy, there are ambitious governmental innovation strategies and focused strategies for each region. Traditionally, the country has had a strong research performance in chemistry and biology, which together with developed agriculture, forestry and food industries, provides a good foundation for the development of locally based circular systems. Moreover, the government supports research on tools and applications of new plant breeding technologies, including genome editing, and there is a strong initiative from the research community calling to update EU regulatory policy in this area.
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Microbiology Society - The Microbiology Society are pleased to announce our Publish and Read agreement with Spanish National Research Council  - banner

Our most downloaded articles from 2020

The Microbiology Society would like to thank everyone that has contributed to our journals in 2020, whether by submitting their research, being on an Editorial Board or peer reviewing articles.

Take a look back at the some of the most popular research published in the Microbiology Society’s journals. The articles explore a diverse range of topics, covering the breadth of microbiology, from SARS-CoV-2 to antimicrobial resistance and more.
Read our top articles
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SCI Event

7½th SCI -RSC symposium on GPCRs in Medicinal Chemistry

The key role of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) in human disease underpins their importance to modern medicine.

We are pleased to announce that Evotec, Italy will support the eighth meeting in this series on GPCR drug discovery, which will combine cutting edge medicinal chemistry with innovative structural biology and novel drug design approaches.

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EFB Events
organised by EFB
10 - 14 May 2021

11th International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management

co-organised by EFB Environmental Biotechnology Division
8 -10 September 2021
Muttenz − Switzerland

The International Symposium on Biopolymers (ISBP)
supported by EFB Biomaterial Division
14 - 17 September 2021
Crans-Montana - Switzerland

European Congress on Biotechnology

co-organised by EFB
22 - 25 May 2022
Maastricht - The Netherlands

Enbioeconomy 22
Environmental biotechnology for a green economy

organised by EFB Environmental Biotechnology Division
spring 2022
Gdynia - Poland
EFB Member Events

37th Process Development Symposium 2021
organised by SCI
14 - 15 April 2021

Exploring the Human Proteome with Antibodies, Transcriptomics and Mass Spectrometry
organised by KTH
30 May - 4 June 2021
Stockholm - Sweden

BioTech 2020
organised by University of Chemistry and Technology
16 -19 June 2021
Prague − Czech Republic

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