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Frontiers Research Topic

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The conference organisers are editing a Frontiers in Microbiology Research Topic entitled Microbial Stress: From Sensing to Intracellular and Population Responses and invite interested attendees to submit relevant work to this topic. This Research Topic aims to cover several aspects of the microbial response to stress from the different perspective of microbiologists, biotechnologists, geneticists, system biologists, biochemists and structural and molecular biologists, from both academia and the private sector working in fundamental and applied research. It will publish contributions that tackle the biological questions by employing established scientific approaches, as well as new technologies and approaches, which can be relevant across organisms and sectors. Frontiers is an Open Access journal and offers a 15% discount for research articles published in a Research Topic issue. The Microbial Stress topic already has commitments from key meeting attendees and could be an appropriate place to publish work that you will present at the EFB Microbial Stress conference. The deadline for abstracts for the topic to be considered is 31st January 2018. The final deadline for manuscript submission will be July 31st 2018 - although manuscripts can be submitted anytime and are published as they are accepted.

Full details are available on the Frontiers website http://journal.frontiersin.org/researchtopic/6690/microbial-stress-from-sensing-to-intracellular-and-population-responses