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As a part of their commitment to identify European R&D priorities and stakeholder needs in the field of environmental biotechnology and promote them towards institutions such as the European Commission,  the OECD, and further European Agencies, the section members have prepared 7 position papers. These papers will also be published in a special issue of New Biotechnology (the official journal of EFB).

  1. Biowaste Biorefinery in Europe: Opportunities and R&D Needs, by Fava et al.
  2. In situ Groundwater and Sediment Bioremediation: Barriers and Perspectives by Majone et al.
  3. R&D Needs in the Field of Biomonitoring, Evaluation of the Ecological Risks, and Bioremediation of Emerging Chemical and Biological Micropollutants in Soils, Sediments, Groundwater, Industrial and Municipal Wastewaters, Aquaculture Effluents, and Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems by Gavrilescu et al.
  4. R&D Priorities in the Field of Sustainable Remediation and Purification of Agro-Industrial and Civil/Urban Effluents and Wastewaters, by Miksch et al.
  5. Microbial Fixation of CO2 in Water Bodies and in Soils to Combat Climate Change, Soil Loss and Desertification, by De Philippis et al.
  6. Biotechnologies for Critical Raw Material Recovery from Primary and Secondary Sources: R&D Priorities and Future Perspectives, by Lenz et al.
  7. The Role of Environmental Biotechnology in Exploring, Exploiting, Monitoring and Preserving the Marine Environment, by Kalogerakis et al.

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