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The Environmental Biotechnology Division of EFB acts for:

  • The (bio)monitoring and bioremediation of xenobiotic compounds occurring in soils, sediments, groundwater and wastewaters
  • The cleaning up and sanitizing drinking and waste-water, soil and air
  • The reconciliation of disposal and waste valorisation (biorefinery concept) of by-products, wastes, effluents from the agro-food industry with the production of bio-based chemicals, materials and fuels
  • The development of novel strategies such as the CO2 biocapture, etc.

The mission of the section can be summarised as follows:

  • To identify the most prominent European R&D priorities and stakeholder needs in the area of sustainable bioremediation of contaminated sites and wastewaters, biowaste biorefining, water sanitation, CO2 fixation, etc.
  • To promote such priorities and needs towards the European Commission, the OECD, the European Technology Platforms and other European Agencies dealing with environmental protection and restoration
  • Develop both scientific-sound and modern engineering aspects of environmental biotechnology together with the private sector
  • To support and organise international conferences on Environmental Biotechnology in Europe and partner Countries

Young scientist

Early-Stage Researchers in the Environmental Biotechnology Division of the European Federation of Biotechnology

One of the top priority of the Environmental Biotechnology Division society is to promote the involvement of young researchers to actively join the group and develop the future of Environmental Biotechnologies in Europe.

    Being a part of the Environmental Biotechnology Division community is a great opportunity:
  • To create young scientists’ networks and professional exchanges at a high scientific level to support your professional career.
  • To provide the possibilities for collaborations and opportunities for professional networking between researchers from international institutes and biotech companies.
  • To get support in your activities in the different areas of biotechnology covered by EFB.
  • To attend various scientific events and workshops related to your scientific interests at discounted price - participating in such meetings always forms new scientific friendships and debate on new ideas.
  • To share and discuss your work with the scientific community during conferences – for young researcher the EFB society offers awards for ‘Best oral communication’ or ‘Best poster presentation’.
  • To being updated by receiving the electronic newsletter with the latest developments in the field of biotechnology, important events and information about job opportunities and scholarships available in the various member institutions involved in EFB society.


The Environmental Biotechnology section of EFB has more than 3,300 subscribers (800 active members) and is led by the section board and groups of experts consisting of above 50 members coming from academia, research centers, governmental institutions and companies from European countries. The section is keen to welcome new members.

Section Board:

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Expert groups:

Name Affiliation Country
Ariola Bacu University of Tirana Albania
Karen Ghazaryan Yerevan State University Armenia
Thomas Reichenauer
Günther Bochmann
Austrian Institute of Technology
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Korneel Rabaey Ghent University
Stefan Shilev
Yana Topalova
Agricultural University Plovidv
University of Sofia
Marlen Vasquez
Argyro Tsipa
Cyprus University of Technology
University of Cyprus
Ivana Radojcic Redovnikovic University of Zagreb Croatia
Katarina Demnerova
Tomas Cajthaml
University of Chemistry and Technology
Charles University
Czech Republic
Bart Smets Technical University of Denmark Denmark
Jaak Truu
Anne Menert
University of Tartu Estonia
Jaakko Puhakka
Martin Romantschuk
Tampere University of Technology
University of Helsinki
Eric Trably
Lidia Favier
French National Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment (INRAE)
French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)
Hermann Heipieper
Rainer Meckenstock
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research -UFZ Leipzig
University of Duisburg-Essen
Nicolas Kalogerakis
Simos Malamis
Technical University of Crete
National Technical University of Athens
Gábor Rákhely
Monika Molnár
University of Szeged
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Ibrahim Banat
Piet Lens
University of Ulster
NUI Galway
Ólafur H. Friðjónsson
Jóhann Orlygsson
Matis ltd.
University of Akureyri
Mauro Majone
Antonio Marzocchella
Sapienza University of Rome
University of Naples Federico II
Rolandas Meskys
Jonita Stankevičiūtė
Vilnius University Lithuania
Lucien Hoffmann
Paul Wilmes
Luxemburg Institute of Science and Technology
University of Luxemburg
Liliana Cepoi Academy of Sciences of Moldova Moldova
Irene Sanchez Andrea
Mark Van Loosdrecht
Wageningen University
Delft University of Technology
Rune Bakke University of South Eastern Norway Norway
Lukasz Chrzanowski
Joanna Surmacz-Górska
Poznan University Technology
Silesian University of Technology
Olga C. Nunes
Maria Reis
University of Porto
NOVA University Lisbon
Maria Gavrilescu
Michaela Stanescu
Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași
Politehnica University of Bucharest
Maja Djolić
Vladana Rajaković-Ognjanović
University of Belgrade Serbia
Katarina Dercova
Hana Horváthová
Slovak University of Technology
Centre of environmental services, Ltd
Marjana Regvar University of Ljubljana Slovenia
Ivet Ferrer
Elisabet Aranda
Polytechnic University of Catalonia
University of Granada
Mohammad Taherzadeh University of Borås Sweden
David R. Johnson Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG) Switzerland
Icgen Bulent
Özer Cinar
Middle East Technical University
Yildiz Technical University
Steven A. Banwart
Ana Soares
University of Leeds
Cranfield Water Science Institute
United Kingdom


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