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PYFF7 FEMS Yeast Research
Virtual Special Issue

FEMS Yeast Research  is the established community journal for yeast researchers and publishes many papers that link fundamental yeast biology with biotechnology.
In association with PYFF7, this virtual special issue will bring together some of the most significant papers published in FEMS journals in the past 18 months.
These papers will complement the themes of PYFF7 and will showcase some of the exciting developments that form the central topics of the conference. Anticipated launch date: May 2019.

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Journal of Fungi

In the Special Issue “Physiology of Yeasts and Filamentous Fungi, research papers and reviews about the applied and basic aspects of the physiology of yeasts and filamentous fungi are welcome.
  Investigation on fundamental physiology and metabolic processes, genetic and phenotypic heterogeneity in fungal populations, and the evolution and niche adaptation of yeast and filamentous fungi could be emphasized. New trends in systems biology, metabolic engineering for biotechnological processes, and in mycobiome and interactions with other eukaryotes could also be part of this Special Issue.

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