Name of the sessions (Subtopics):

    • Session I: Evolution and niche adaptation of yeasts and filamentous fungi
    • Session II: Genetic and phenotypic heterogeneity in fungal populations
    • Session III: Fundamental physiology and metabolic processes in yeasts and filamentous fungi
    • Session IV: Cellular compartmentalization: trafficking, metabolosomes and quinary structures of macromolecules
    • Session V: Mycobiome and interactions with other eukaryotes
    • Session VI: Systems biology and metabolic engineering for biotechnological processes
    • Session VII: Microbial Biotechnologies for Food and Biochemicals: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Innovative Training Networks projects cluster
    • Session VIII: Response and tolerance to stress in the context of industrial bioprocesses
    • Session IX: Natural and Synthetic Ecology: interactions and applications of mixed cultures (especially in food, beverage and biotechnology)

Organised by

European Federation of Biotechnology

EFB Microbial Physiology Section


European Federation of Biotechnology