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Green for Good Meeting G4G IV | June 19 - 22, 2017 | Olomouc, Czech Republic

Consumption and global demand for agricultural crops for food, feed, and fuel is increasing. Because of this, we need precise and straightforward methods for crop improvement by editing plant genomes. The CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering system has quickly become the preferred tool of plant scientists, as it is a powerful instrument for gene targeting and accurate genome editing in plants. However, crop improvement also requires qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to associate both genotypic and phenotypic traits, and to benefit the production and enhancement in breeding.

Patrick Schnable is a Professor at Iowa State University (ISU) and ChangJiang Scholar Professor at the China Agricultural University. He is the Director of the ISU's Plant Science Institute and founder director of the ISU's Center for Plant Genomics. Professor Schnable recently gave a plenary lecture at EFB's flagship congress: ECB2016 and will present the Plenary Lecture at the opening ceremony of the G4G IV Meeting. His lecture will focus on the next generation of technologies and methods for sequencing, genotyping and phenotyping of genomics traits and for the improvement of the plant breeding to ensure that demand is met for the increasing burden of the world consumption of agricultural crops.

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To see special issues published in New Biotechnology, please click in the links below:

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EBBS Newsletter − 1st issue 2016.

The latest issue of the EFB Bioengineering and Bioprocessing Section - EBBS Newsletter, has been released.
The newsletter can be downloaded from the EBBS website or here

Do you want to get involved?
If you would like to be part of the new section, if you have an idea for a new meeting in an area of bioengineering or bioprocessing, or if you would like to assist in section activities, please contact the section co- chairs by clicking here

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Events organised by our EFB Institutional Members & Partners

European Biotech Week

Unravel the mysteries of the revolutionary biotech science during a week−long celebration across Europe. Around 100 activities will take place in a minimum of 14 European countries, including running races, company site visits, theatrical performances and social media campaigns. Check out what's happening near you and save the date! #biotechweek

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Joint event organised by the UK members of EFB:
Tackling antimicrobial resistance crisis − what roles will regulation and innovation play?

This Policy Lates event will examine the roles of innovation and regulation in tackling the AMR crisis from different perspectives, including veterinary research, biotechnology and public health.
Please click here for more information

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Biology Week 2016

Biology Week is a celebration of life science with events all over the UK and beyond! It is a great opportunity to share your passion for biology as part of the biggest week in the life sciences calendar! This year Biology Week takes place October 8th-16th. Get involved online by creating an online resource, or run your own event such as a hands−on demonstration, or producing an educational outreach resource. Tweet #BiologyWeek and let us know how you celebrated!

Other Royal Society of Biology News:

International Degree Accreditation and International Advanced Degree Accreditation
The Royal Society of Biology offers two types forms of accreditation: International Degree Accreditation and International Advanced Degree Accreditation. Accreditation of degree programmes by the Royal Society of Biology aims to:

  • Recognise academic achievement
  • Drive up standards of learning and teaching in the biosciences
  • Enhance competitiveness for students in a crowded global jobs market
  • Provide industry with an assurance of the level of employability skills and subject relevant bioscience skills provided by a degree
  • Provide an international mark of "good practice" allowing wide ranging comparability among high performing institutions

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or would like further information.

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Register for Synthetic Biology, UK 2016 14−16 Nov 2016

Following the highly successful conference in 2015, this year's event will deliver another exciting scientific programme with renowned speakers, encouraging more participation from younger scientists, more engagement with the public and greater opportunity for networking and mentoring. Submit your abstract and register here.

Other Biochemical Society Events & News:

Are you interested in developing a training event?
Submit your proposal by 31 October 2016.

The Biochemical Society has an active training programme. We support scientists to run workshops for graduate level and above. Benefits of running a workshop include funding, full secretariat and marketing services for approved workshops. Find out more and submit your proposal at www.biochemistry.org/Training

Biochemical Society announces three new award categories for 2018 nominations
Recognizing established and early career researchers, scientists, educators and industry partners for their contribution to the molecular biosciences, nominations for the 2018 Biochemical Society Awards are now open. For the first time for 2018 there are three new award categories; Teaching Excellence Award, Industry and Academic Collaboration Award and the International Award. Find out more and submit your nomination by 31 January 2017 at www.biochemistry.org/Awards

Applications now open for Diversity in Science grants from the Biochemical Society
The Biochemical Society Diversity in Science Grants scheme provides grants of up to £500 to individuals, groups, charities or not−for profit organisations to support and address issues relating to diversity in science. Applications should be submitted by 31 October 2016 at www.biochemistry.org/Grants/DiversityinScienceGrants

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Sir Simon Campbell − Science, Art and Drug Discovery

Other SCI Events:

Cheminformatics for Drug Design: Data, Models and Tools
12 October 2016 Duxford − UK

New Frontiers in Crop Research
20 October 2016 London − UK

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EFB Events  

3rd European Meeting of the International Society for Microbial Electrochemistry and Technology
co-organised by EFB Environmental Biotechnology Section
26 − 28 September 2016
Rome − Italy


5th International Conference on Novel Enzymes
organised by EFB Section on Applied Biocatalysis ESAB
11 − 14 October 2016
Groningen − The Netherlands


2nd International Conference on Post−Translational Modifications in Bacteria
organised by EFB Functional Genomics Section
19 − 20 October 2016
Lyon − France


9th Conference on Recombinant Protein Production − RPP9
organised by EFB Microbial Physiology Section
23 − 25 April 2017
Dubrovnik − Croatia


Designer Biology Symposium
co-organised by EFB Polymer Biotechnology Section & Bioengineering and Bioprocessing Section
7 − 9 July 2017
Vienna − Austria


Plant Biotechnology: Green for Good IV - G4G
organised by EFB Czech Republic RBO
19 − 22 June 2017
Olomouc − Czech Republic

EFB Institutional Member’s Events

European Biotech Week
organised by Europabio
26 September - 2 October 2016
Across Europe


Sir Simon Campbell − Science, Art and Drug Discovery
organised by SCI
27 September 2016
London − UK


Biology Week
organised by Royal Society of Biology
10 October 2016
London − UK


Cheminformatics for Drug Design: Data, Models and Tools
organised by SCI
12 October 2016
Duxford − UK


AstraZeneca 2016 Award Lecture: Mass spectrometry - from individual proteins to membrane assemblies
organised by Biochemical Society
17 October 2016
London − UK


New Frontiers in Crop Research
organised by SCI
20 October 2016
London − UK


Taming Plant Viruses − Fundamental Biology to Bionanotechnology
organised by Biochemical Society
8 − 10 November 2016
Pitlochry − UK


Synthetic Biology UK 2016
organised by Biochemical Society
14 − 16 November 2016
Edinburgh − UK


De−Mystifying X−ray Data Processing in Macromolecular Crystallography
organised by Biochemical Society
14 − 16 November 2016
London − UK


European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology - ESIB 2016
organised by the Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology - ACIB
14 − 16 November 2016
Graz − Austria


GlaxoSmithKline Award Lecture
organised by Biochemical Society
17 November 2016
London − UK


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