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USDA-sponsored plenary lecture at ECB2016:
"Predictive Phenomics of Plants"

The opening plenary lecture for the Krakow Congress will be given by Professor Patrick Schnable, who is the Director of the Plant Sciences Institute and the Centre for Plant Genomics at Iowa State University. The EFB gratefully acknowledges sponsorship of the lecture by the US Department of Agriculture. He is also a Chang Jiang Scholar Professor at China Agriculture University in Beijing. His interdisciplinary expertise is in the areas of genetics, molecular biology, genomics, and bioinformatics, especially of the maize genome. He collaborates with researchers in diverse fields, including agricultural and computer engineering, plant breeding and statistics.

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Scientific Programme

Less than two weeks left to submit your abstract to be considered for oral presentation. Do not miss this opportunity!

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Tuesday 29 March 2016

Saturday 30 April 2016

Monday 4 April 2016

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6th Conference on Yeast and Filamentous Fungi Physiology and Biotechnology - PYFF6

The Microbial Physiology Section is co-organising the 6th Conference on Yeast and Filamentous Fungi Physiology and Biotechnology (PYFF6), from 7 to 9 September, 2016; Osaka -Japan.

PYFF6 is focused on the modern genome-wide approaches that are unveiling fascinating aspects of the physiology of yeasts and filamentous fungi, boosting the understanding of these systems, envisaging their application in biotechnology or the control of their pathogenic activity. Young researchers are specifically encouraged to participate, to present their data and to exchange ideas during the conference. With the support of the Scientific Committee composed of renowned experts in the Physiology of Yeasts and Filamentous Fungi and of the highly active international community working in the field, the Organizing Committee is committed to organize a successful and productive conference that contributes to reinforce or to initiate collaborative links between researchers in academia, industry, and the clinic, and show the vitality of their research and what’s new in area of physiological genomics of yeasts and filamentous fungi and on how it can be applied.

For more information please click here.

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Events organised by our EFB Institutional Members

Royal Society of Biology 2016 fundraising event

The inventor of DNA fingerprinting tells his story at this special fundraising event

A unique opportunity to hear Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys FRS Hon FRSB give a first-hand account of how he developed DNA fingerprinting after a "Eureka moment" in his Leicestershire lab back in 1984. This very special fundraising event at the Science Museum's IMAX theatre, will give guests the inside story on Sir Alec's famous discovery, and how it led to revolutionary advancements in forensic science worldwide, including well-known stories of crimes being solved around the world, and where it has led Sir Alec in his research today.

For more information, please click here.

Prof David Mottram - Doping and Anti-Doping in Sport

Doping in sport goes back as far as there has been sport, with dangerous substances, such as Strychnine and Nitro-Glycerine, being used until the early 20th Century. Over recent months various athletes have been banned for doping, countries have been ruled to have breaches Anti-Doping codes and several senior officials are being investigated for bribery and doping cover-ups. And the scale of the problem only seems to be getting bigger.

Prof David Mottram, Emeritus Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, Liverpool John Moore's University, will provide an insight into the world of doping in sport and detail the anti-doping rules and regulations that are in place to combat this threat. The international rules and regulations for the management of doping in sport, based on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), will be explained. This will include a brief overview of the list of prohibited substances and methods, which are reviewed and updated annually following a comprehensive review.

For more information, please click here.

Other SCI Events:

Sir Paul Nurse - The Francis Crick Institute
30 March 2016. London − UK

33rd SCI Process Development Symposium
6 − 7 April 2016. Cambridge − UK

BioTrinity 2016
25 April 2016. London − UK

Kinase 2016: Next Generation Inhibitors
16 − 17 May 2016. London − UK

Lister Memorial Lecture 2016: AMR − The Global Problem
8 June 2016. Edinburgh − UK

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EFB Events  

11th International Conference on Protein Stabilisation - ProtStab2016
organised by EFB Section on Applied Biocatalysis ESAB
9 − 11 May 2016
Istanbul − Turkey


12th International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries
co−organised by EFB Section on Applied Biocatalysis ESAB
30 May − 1 June 2016
Ghent − Belgium


European Congress on Biotechnology - ECB2016
organised by European Federation of Biotechnology
3 − 6 July 2016
Krakow − Poland


PYFF6 - 6th Conference on Physiology of Yeasts and Filamentous Fungi
organised by EFB Microbial Physiology Section
11 − 14 July 2016
Lisbon − Portugal


9th International Conference on Fiber and Polymer Biotechnology
co-organised by EFB Polymer Biotechnology Section
7 − 9 September 2016
Osaka − Japan


5th International Conference on Novel Enzymes
organised by EFB Section on Applied Biocatalysis ESAB
11 − 14 October 2016
Groningen − The Netherlands


2nd International Conference on Post−Translational Modifications in Bacteria
organised by EFB Functional Genomics Section
19 − 20 October 2016
Lyon − France

EFB Institutional Member’s Events

Quantitative Proteomics and Data Analysis − Training Day
Organised by Biochemical Society
4 − 5 April 2016
Chester − UK


79th Harden Conference: Oxygen Evolution and Reduction − Common Principles
Organised by Biochemical Society
16 − 20 April 2016
Innsbruck − Austria


Cilia, Cytoskeleton and Cancer
Organised by Biochemical Society
25 − 26 April 2016
Edinburgh − UK


6th SCI/SCI Symposium on GPCRs in Medicinal Chemistry
Organised by SCI
13 − 15 June 2016
Verona − Italy


IEX 2016 Training Courses
Organised by SCI
13 − 15 June 2016
Cambridge − UK


IEX 2016
Organised by SCI
6 − 8 July 2016
Cambridge − UK


FEBS 2016
Organised by FEBS
3 − 8 September 2016
Ephesus − Turkey


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