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The European Federation of Biotechnology is organising ECB2016.

  • Plenary lectures by stellar speakers who are leading biotechnological developments
  • 25 symposia that span all colours of biotechnology
  • A fully-integrated Eurobiotech programme highlighting top Central European biotechnology
  • Invited speakers who are world leaders in their fields
  • Satellite events on the opening day of the Congress, Sunday 3 July 2016
  • 200 short talks selected from submitted abstracts for symposia or satellite events
  • Trade exhibition
  • Poster sessions located close to the trade exhibition
  • Opportunities to hear about developments in the Asian Federation of Biotechnology
  • Highlight events that focus on current challenges and controversies
  • A Publications Workshop to help young biotechnologists publish their work in leading journals
  • An "Open Space" event to bring innovative ideas to the attention of industry
  • Meeting point with refreshments throughout the day

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    Microbial Stress: From Molecules To Systems - 2015.

    The EFB Microbial Physiology Section and the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) are organising the conference Microbial Stress: From Molecules To Systems. This meeting will focus on stress from all levels of detailed molecular biology through whole organism systems biology up to the level of microbial populations, in order to gain a complete understanding of microbial responses to stress.

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    8th International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management ICEEM-08

    The EFB Environmental Biotechnology Section is co-organising the 8th edition of ICEEM that will be celebrated in Iasi, Romania between 9 and 12 September 2015 .

    This ICEEM edition aims to bring together international researchers, academics, professionals, and students, dedicated to the fields of environmental engineering and management, in order to support the knowledge exchange, and the dissemination of specific programmes for research and education.

    To read more information about this event, please click on the following link: http://www.iceem.eu/.

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    EFB Response to Scottish GM Ban.

    The European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) is deeply concerned about the news of a Scottish Government proposal to ban cultivation of genetically modified crops based upon prejudice rather than on scientific evidence. The Executive Board authorised the issue of a letter to the Scottish national party urging them not to handicap Scottish citizens with such a ban. To see the full text of the letter please click here: EFB response to SNP ban on GM crops.pdf

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    6th International Conference On Analysis Of Microbial Cells at the Single Cell Level.

    The meeting in Retz, 19 - 22 July, attracted participants representing 16 universities, 8 research institutions, and 8 companies from 14 countries around the world.

    EFB thanks to Beckman Coulter, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences of Vienna (BOKU), the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (ACIB), and the Federation of Microbiological Societies (FEMS). Congratulations to Nicole Borth and their colleagues for a great meeting!

    EBBS Newsletter - 3rd issue 2015.

    The third issue of the Bioengineering and
    Bioprocessing Section

    EBBS Newsletter, has been released.
    The newsletter can be downloaded from the EBBS website or here .

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    Events organised by our EFB Institutional Members

    Biochemical Society Awards & Science Grants 2015!
    Organised by Biochemical Society.

    Do you know of an outstanding bioscientist who deserves recognition?

    In 2017 the Biochemical Society will recognize established researchers as well as scientists in the early stages of their career.

    The deadline for online nominations is 31 January 2016. Nominations can be submitted by both members and non-members of the Biochemical Society.

    For more information about online nominations, please click on the following link: www.biochemistry.org/Awards/Nominations

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    Biochemical Society Diversity in Science Grants 2015 are now open! Deadline: 30 September 2015

    The Biochemical Society is offering three grants of up to £500 to individuals, groups, charities or businesses to support and address issues relating to diversity in science.

    Whether you are planning an event or activity to encourage diversity in science, or conducting research into the lack of representative diversity within the science sector, apply for one of the grants now!

    For more information please click on: www.biochemistry.org/Grants/DiversityinScienceGrants

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    Imaging: Recent Advances and Biomedical Applications − 30 September 2015
    organised by SCI − UK.

    Advances in imaging are revolutionising the way we treat disease and providing exciting, often non-invasive methods for probing underpinning biology. Whether it be accurately locating the position of a tumour, providing a method that allows early diagnosis of a disease or shedding unique insight into the spatial distribution and temporal behaviour of a biomolecule inside a cell, the development and application of new imaging technologies offers an exciting opportunity for physical scientists to collaborate with life scientists and clinicians.

    For more information, please follow the link: Imaging: Recent Advances and Biomedical Applications

    Other SCI Events:

    18th SCI/RSC Medicinal Chemistry Symposium
    13 - 16 September 2015. London − UK

    Prof Simon Lovestone - Alzheimer's disease: big problem, Big Data, big solution?
    13 October 2015. London − UK

    MIBio 2015: Stability of biopharmaceuticals – From molecular interactions to successful products
    21 October 2015. Cambridge − UK

    1st RSC/SCI Symposium on Fibrosis Disease: medicinal chemistry progress from biological target to the clinic
    10 November 2015. Slough − UK

    Prof Kevin Harrington - Using Viruses to Treat Cancer: Turning Poachers into Gamekeepers
    11 November 2015. London − UK

    6th RSC/SCI Symposium on GPCRs in Medicinal Chemistry
    13 - 15 June 2016 . Italy − UK

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    EFB Events  

    Bioflavour 2015
    endorsed by EFB Bioengineering and Bioprocessing Section − EBBS
    September 9−11 2015
    Frankfurt − Germany

    8th International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management
    co-organised by EFB Environmental Biotechnology Section
    September 9−12 2015
    Iasi − Romania

    8th Edition of European Symposium on Biopolymers
    organised by EFB Environmental Biotechnology Section
    September 16−18 2015
    Roma − Italy

    11th International Meeting on Yeast Apoptosis - IMYA XI
    co-organised by EFB Functional Genomics Section
    29 September - 3 October 2015
    Porto - Portugal

    Ecomondo 19th International Trade Fair of Material & Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development
    organised by EFB Environmental Biotechnology Section
    November 3−6 2015
    Rimini − Italy

    Textile Biotechnology Symposia (TBS)
    Supported by EFB Polymer Biotechnology Section
    9 − 10 December 2015
    Wuxi − China

    Microbial Stress: From Molecules To Systems - 2015
    organised by EFB Microbial Physiology Section
    12 − 15 November 2015
    Sitges − Spain

    3rd meeting on Applied Synthetic Biology in Europe
    organised by EFB Microbial Physiology Section
    Early 2016
    More information soon...

    EFB Institutional Member’s Events

    12th World Congress of Chinese Medicine
    organised by European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    24 − 26 September 2015
    Barcelona − Spain

    Asian Congress on Biotechnology 2015 (ACB2015)
    organised by AFOB
    15 − 19 November 2015
    Kuala Lumpur − Malaysia


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